Why do people fall for reflexology?

This one continues to amaze me because it just shows how gullible people and and how the fraudsters that perpetuate it can keep a straight face when they peddle their pseudoscientific woo.

Reflexology is supposed to be a alternative medicine practice in which various organ systems are located to different zones or regions on the feet and hands. Apparently practitioners can detect problems with these organs by palpating the different zones and then using stimulation via massage can help improve the health of those organ systems.

The problem with this is it is just one big scam. This is snake oil at it best!

Two reasons:
1. There is not even a slightest hint of any physiological link between the zones of the feet or hands and different organ systems of the body. No scientist has been able to find anything or even a hint of anything to account for claimed links. There is absolutely no evidence of these links. Its just a mystical hoo-doo voo-doo link.

2. Every single systematic review of the randomized controlled clinical trials of reflexology all have reached the same conclusions: it does not work any better than a placebo. There is no evidence that it works.

So why do some people who have had a reflexology treatment feel better:
1. Placebo
2. Everyone feels better after a foot massage (even without the nonsensical spin put on it by reflexologists)