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Boy the ant-vaxxers have gone to a new low

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg posts a photo of his baby about to get vaccinated. Look how the anti-vaxxers respond:


Facebook is not your doctor…

…you take them to the emergency department!


Lying liars lie

This meme is doing the rounds of the antivaccination sites and Facebook groups:


Sad that they can not do basic fact checking. The flu vaccine was not used until the late 30’s. Lying liars lie.

This did not happen

This is so typical of the lies and misunderstanding.


Sacrificing a child on the altar of the parents ideology

This child probably has a concussion and might end up brain damaged due to the mothers inaction. She can not wake the child, so rather than call for a paramedic, she posts of Facebook asking for advice.


How f….n stupid are people.

Dumbest Idea I Have Heard in a While

There are plans for an anti-vaccination child care center in Australia. Stupid idea. Fortunately the authorities and various professional organisation are reacting with horror, so for the sake of the kids, hopefully it does not get off the ground. It is a shame that so many parents want to put their children at risk to support their ideology.

See this news report: Plans for no-vaccination child care centre



Another epic fail by Andrew Wakefield

The crook, fraudster and deregistered medial doctor, Andrew Wakefield has failed in his litigation to silence his critics. I wonder how his fan club fell about the money the raised for him now having to be paid to those who he was trying to sue to pay their legal costs?

More from Skeptical Raptor.

Measles is making a comeback…

….and there is only one group of people to blame: The antivaccination nutters and liars. They make stuff up. Vaccines do not cause autism. Nuff said.

Vaccines and Autism

Vaccines do not cause Autism. Period. The evidence is unequivocal. It is not controversial. The science is clear. Every credible report that looks at this is clear. Vaccines do not cause autism. There is absolutely no doubt that they don’t.

I do not understand why such a vocal minority manufacture what they call a controversy. They just do not get it. Those that are advocating this are probably the greatest threat that exists to the health and well-being of those with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). They pollute forums and the blogosphere with their nonsense, but never can they present anything with credible evidence at a scientific conferences. Conspiracy theories and coincidences to not count as evidence! They use the full range of irrational thought processes and argumentative fallacies to try and convince the blind. As a result of these absolute nutters, so much money, resources and energy has to be spent to counter the absolute nonsense that is being spouted by these anti-vaccine nutters. All this wasted money, resources and energy could have been better used to make significant progress in doing something that actually helps kids with ASD and find the real cause.

These people and their ideas need to be removed from the ecosystem or ignored in the hope they will go away. They are the biggest threat to our kids. They just do not get the harm that they are creating for society.