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Boy the ant-vaxxers have gone to a new low

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg posts a photo of his baby about to get vaccinated. Look how the anti-vaxxers respond:


Facebook is not your doctor…

…you take them to the emergency department!


Lying liars lie

This meme is doing the rounds of the antivaccination sites and Facebook groups:


Sad that they can not do basic fact checking. The flu vaccine was not used until the late 30’s. Lying liars lie.

Sacrificing a child on the altar of the parents ideology

This child probably has a concussion and might end up brain damaged due to the mothers inaction. She can not wake the child, so rather than call for a paramedic, she posts of Facebook asking for advice.


How f….n stupid are people.

Dumbest Idea I Have Heard in a While

There are plans for an anti-vaccination child care center in Australia. Stupid idea. Fortunately the authorities and various professional organisation are reacting with horror, so for the sake of the kids, hopefully it does not get off the ground. It is a shame that so many parents want to put their children at risk to support their ideology.

See this news report: Plans for no-vaccination child care centre

Slime Balls….

….Andrew Wakefield and Lance Armstrong:

Do you see the irony?


Chiropractor breaks babies back

This is as bad as it gets. A chiropractor in Australia broke the vertebrae of a baby. See this report from the Sydney Morning Herald. To make matters worse, the Chiropractors board that is supposed to be protecting the public covered it up. The Chiropractic profession should hold its head in collective shame that this is allowed to happen.

Murder while on parole!

I was just reading about how many recent cases there have been of murder carried out by criminals who were on parole for long lists of previous serious crimes in Australia. WTF! Someone needs to be held accountable for it.

Snowden and the hypocrisy of some world leaders

I don’t want to get into the issue if Edward Snowden is a hero or a criminal for releasing details of the mass security surveillance programs in the USA. What I want to mention is that some world leaders, especially from South America, who are claiming what a hero he is to the free world etc etc. It go figure that those very same leaders put in jail those in their countries who do the same thing. Hypocrisy?