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Overpronation in Runners

I have commented several times that I like to do a bit of running and one thing I hate is buying new running shoes. They change rapidly and there are 100’s on the market. Every time I go to get a new pair the sales person is an ‘expert’. they all say I ovepronate, but they all say something different about it and a lot of it makes no sense to me. Looking online turned by this stuff that every runner needs to read: Pronation Mythology and The nonsensical understanding of ‘overpronation’, For non-runners, ovepronation is when a foot rolls in wards at the ankle joint when you run. It is supposed to cause injuries in runners.

Plantar Fasciitis Snake Oil

I just got over a bout of plantar fasciitis or heel pain. The plantar fascia is a long ligament that attached to the base of the heel bone and supports the arch of the foot. It is a common problem in runners and there is so much crap written about it on running websites and so many snake oil salesman on the web touting their magical cure that ‘doctors don’t even know about’. WTF?

Good to see some science based commonsense being written about it in some places (I picked up this one on Twitter as I noticed a lot of physical therapists re-tweeting it, so that says something about it. If you got plantar fasciitis read it and take notice of it and don’t fall for the hucksters! … the article has even been translated into Vietnamese.

Boston Marathon Bombing Conspiracy Theories

Give me a freaking break! Terrorists bombed the marathon. There is no conspiracy. Ignore the idiots that think there was. They need to read the book: Believing Bullshit.

Running Shoe Nuttiness!

I just came across this blog post on Do running shoes weaken muscles?

I had to laugh to myself when I read it as I had seen the exact same claim made on a number of websites and wondered about them. The story goes like this: Running shoes are supposed to be bad for runners as they limit movement and this weakens the muscles. This is supposed to be what causes all the injuries that runners get. Therefore running barefoot is better. I never really believed all those stories I was reading as those that make them clearly came across as zealots, nutters and fanatics.

It was good to read the above blog post as it just confirmed that what I had been reading was written by nutters and fanatics trying to convince gullible people. They were obviously peddling snake oil. I will stick to my running shoes and sleep easy at night.

Class Action Mania

The number of class action lawsuits being launched appears to be increasing. The number of class action lawsuits being launched for trivial issues appears to be increasing exponentially. Are lawyers so desperate for work that they are creating these?

Of course if a company is deliberately and systematically out of line, they should be held accountable. For example, Merck probably should be held accountable for the harm done by their drug, Vioxx, as they deliberately withheld information from the Federal Drug Administration on harmful effects of the drug before it came to market. I agree with that and they should get what they deserve for the apparent deceit.

However, what about the class action being launched against Subway, as their advertised ‘foot long’ sandwich was in some cases not quite exactly 12 inches? Insane? Have people lost their marbles? Of course, they have. Nobody cares!

Or the one against those cult like Vibram Five Finger shoes from people who got an injury while running in them. Runners get injuries! It is easy to blame the shoes rather than stupidity of the runner in not getting used to them properly. Nobody cares!

The legal system is over-lawyered and over-litigated. Something needs to be done.

Toning Shoes on Late Night Television

Do you want a butt like Kim Kardashian? Have you seen those shoes being endorsed by her and other celebrities that promise to tone up your muscles and improve your butt and get rid of cellulite and help your posture and make your circulation better and ….? These shoes include the MBT Footwear, Skechers Shape Up, Reebok Easy Tone and the New Balance Rock n Tone and they all have their endorsers.

Do you believe something because a celebrity endorses it? Why do marketers think we are that stupid?

These toning shoes have certainly been hyped by and widely promoted as doing all of those. They certainly do promise the quick easy fitness gain that we are all looking for. What is the reality? The research does not support what is being claimed. There does not seem to be any doubt that these toning shoes do change a few things in the way we walk, but that has not been translated into “tone up your muscles and improve your butt and get rid of cellulite and help your posture and make your circulation better“. The American Council on Exercise did some limited experiments on this class of shoes and concluded:

There was simply no evidence to indicate that the toning shoes offer any enhanced fitness benefits over traditional sneakers, despite studies cited by manufacturers seemingly “proving” the toning shoes’ effectiveness. Bryant warns consumers to be wary of such studies sponsored by manufacturers, many of which are not peer-reviewed and may be of questionable design. ACE’s study also addresses anecdotal evidence consumers have shared indicating that they feel the shoes are working their muscles due to localized muscle soreness. Study researchers explain that this feeling is due to the shoe’s unstable sole design, which cause wearers to use slightly different muscles to maintain balance than they would while wearing normal shoes, resulting in temporary soreness that will subside as the body adjusts to the shoe.

Several of the companies making the claims are facing multimillion dollar lawsuits. Skechers and Reebok have had to settle with the FTC for the unsupported claims that they made for millions of dollars.

These shoes do seem to have some medical uses and that is probably what they are better confined to. See this site for a complete run down on the shoes and a summary of the benefits and the nonsensical claims.