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RIP, Nelson Mandela

A “soapbox” just does not seem appropriate this week. This was the best tribute:

Chiropractor breaks babies back

This is as bad as it gets. A chiropractor in Australia broke the vertebrae of a baby. See this report from the Sydney Morning Herald. To make matters worse, the Chiropractors board that is supposed to be protecting the public covered it up. The Chiropractic profession should hold its head in collective shame that this is allowed to happen.

WTF? Chinese Foot Binding!

I had not heard of this before and it was insane. Chinese foot binding is what moms and dads did to their little girls in China to make them more sensual so they could get a better price for them to marry off! The practice involved binding the foot tightly when the girl was little so that the foot never grew. This caused a lot of pain and deformity and life long disability, but was considered good practice, especially in rural China. A smaller foot was considered more erotic. Fortunately the practice has since stopped due to changing social norms and social pressures, but it was abhorrent! Here are some videos and discussion on it.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong! What can I say? I probably can’t say much more than what has already been said by many other people. I watched the interviews with Oprah, followed Twitter during the interviews (and could not keep up), read all the post-match commentaries, checked out the cycling forums and blogs. I not sure what is worse the lie or the bullying to cover up the lie. Most of the comments I have read since the interviews from people who know a lot more about this than me do not believe he was being honest about being clean in his comeback. His blood profile apparently point to that. SO is he still not being honest.

What can he do now? The law suits are piling up. In my opinion, he needs to go into hiding for 6 months, then go on a major I’m sorry tour and name those who facilitated the lie.