A cure for fibromyalgia …. not

Fibromyalgia is a miserable condition to have and those with it will go to great lengths to find a way to fix it. This can sometimes make people vulnerable to the so-called “miracle cures” that do nothing but lighten the load in the wallet!

Now, I came across a book that claims that podiatry can cure fibromyalgia. I don’t think so.

…and they wonder why there is so much anti-Islam sentiment in the community

Do they bring it on themselves?

Female commander making sure ISIL radicals are not going to heaven

Some of the bombing raids on ISIL radicals in Syria are being led by Major Mariam Al Mansouri which is just so awesome:


Even more awesome is that radicals who get killed by a female do not go to heaven.

Another epic fail by Andrew Wakefield

The crook, fraudster and deregistered medial doctor, Andrew Wakefield has failed in his litigation to silence his critics. I wonder how his fan club fell about the money the raised for him now having to be paid to those who he was trying to sue to pay their legal costs?

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Slime Balls….

….Andrew Wakefield and Lance Armstrong:

WTF? Homeopathy for Ebola

Ebola has been getting some media coverage lately and we have every right to be concerned about it. A key scientist helping fight it has even contracted this disease that has a high fatality rate. This is serious and a serious fight needs to be waged. Now we have the loons on from homeopathy putting forward that homeopathy can help. Duh? If they really think homeopathy can help, then get on a place, go to an Ebola infected area without protective gear and try and help with your homeopathy. Homeopathy does not work for anything!

Measles is making a comeback…

….and there is only one group of people to blame: The antivaccination nutters and liars. They make stuff up. Vaccines do not cause autism. Nuff said.

Do you see the irony?


After being around the traps for a while, you learn a few things…

One thing I have learnt is when you see something being promoted by the nutter, Dr Eric Mercola, you know its nonsense and pseudoscience. He promotes snake oil and quackery. he misquotes and misinterprets research; he lies about research to suit his agenda. Others do that, but he has to be the worst.

His latest pile of sh*t is this one in the Huff post on fluoridation. He leads off with a study that shows how fluoride affects IQ of kids. What is fails to say is that it was mega does of fluoride that affect IQ, not the miniscule amounts that are in our drinking water. Many people in the comments section point that out. Notice how the fan boys are so blind to what they are being told.

Another Big Foot Hoax?

The media are lapping up a story that Big foot has been shot …. problem is that the person who has claimed to shot him has already in 2008 pulled of a previous Big Foot hoax. Surely the alarm bells for the media should be there on this one?

Crptozoology is a load of nonsense and sucks.