‘Natural’ is not always better

I hate to see how often a product is promoted as being better as its ‘natural‘. Its widely used in marketing. Homeopathy and naturopaths use it a lot to claim what they do is better as its natural (yet all the scientific evidence is that what they do does not work). I have even seen that certain ways of running are ‘natural‘ and are therefore better. How many marketing campaigns and product promotions squeeze the word ‘natural‘ into the marketing campaigns. They all obviously do this to invoke the perception of the gullible that natural is somehow better.

It a common argumentative fallacy that is demonstratively false. Just because something is natural does not mean that it is better. Arsenic is a natural product and it is certainly not good for you. A lot of pharmaceuticals are not natural, but they can certainly be good for you.

Something that is natural may or may not be good for you. To argue that something is better because it is natural is a false argument and does not stack up to scrutiny. if a product has a natural claim attached to it, see that as a red flag.