‘Movements’ attract vile people

I getting tired of actions, especially online, of all the vile human beings that get attracted to various movements. I talking about the anti-vaccine cranks; the anti-evolutionary nutters; the homeopathy woo pushers; the autism cranks; the alternative cancer treatment fraudsters; etc etc

These movements have so many vile people in them that resort to vicious personal hate campaigns against anyone who criticizes them. They promote pseudoscience and conspiracy theories.

What do they achieve by doing that? They prove their critics right. If the best they can do in these arguments is get personal and vicious rather than rationally argue the evidence and science, then you know that the critics are right.

Mostly they are harmless loons, but in other cases they get people killed by creating the environment in which people are dying of infectious diseases (which could have been prevented by vaccines) or saved by conventional cancer treatments (when the promote useless alternative crap); etc

To all those vile people in those movements – thanks for proving us right.