Forum Profile Spammers

Forum profile spammers are a particularly low group of people who I hope have a sperm count as low as their IQ’s so that they are not capable of breeding. Society cannot have such people reproducing.

Forums have been with us for a long time and will be for a long time to come. They are a great way to be part of a community, to ask and answer questions and to interact with others who have similar interests as well as debate the issues that are facing the topic of the forum. As they are great for that, they attract the spammer. Those who want to use the forum for ulterior motives. Most forums have automated systems in place to prevent it as well as human intervention to remove the spammers that get do not get caught by the automated systems. All this costs money and time on the part of the forum staff that has to be paid for. The spammers do not pay for it.

One particular type of forum spam that is happening more and more is the forum profile spammer. The spammer joins the forum and leaves a link to their website in the profile. They do not participate in the community and have no intention of doing so. They drop the link to their websites as the search engines tend to give higher rankings to websites with more links, so the spammers abuse multiple forums to get back links to their sites.  Most forums have automated systems to prevent this, but many still get through. What the forum profile spammers do not realize is that the links are useless for them. Most have the nofollow attribute meaning the search engines do not even count them; most are not even crawled and indexed by the search engines; and even if they are, you only need to hang out in the Google help forums to see that a lot of websites with high number of this forum profile spam are losing ranking.

Forum owners do not want these low lives on their forums. They and their staff spend time deleting them. This takes time and money that they have to pay. The spammers to not pay for this. Google and the other search engines need to be encouraged to deal to those sites that abuse other people’s web properties to build back links to their sites in the mistaken belief that it will actually help them in the rankings of the search engines.