Class Action Mania

The number of class action lawsuits being launched appears to be increasing. The number of class action lawsuits being launched for trivial issues appears to be increasing exponentially. Are lawyers so desperate for work that they are creating these?

Of course if a company is deliberately and systematically out of line, they should be held accountable. For example, Merck probably should be held accountable for the harm done by their drug, Vioxx, as they deliberately withheld information from the Federal Drug Administration on harmful effects of the drug before it came to market. I agree with that and they should get what they deserve for the apparent deceit.

However, what about the class action being launched against Subway, as their advertised ‘foot long’ sandwich was in some cases not quite exactly 12 inches? Insane? Have people lost their marbles? Of course, they have. Nobody cares!

Or the one against those cult like Vibram Five Finger shoes from people who got an injury while running in them. Runners get injuries! It is easy to blame the shoes rather than stupidity of the runner in not getting used to them properly. Nobody cares!

The legal system is over-lawyered and over-litigated. Something needs to be done.