A booster for the circulation?

This product called the Circulation Booster has just started to show up being promoted on late night TV (which should be a red flag on its own). This product claimed to improve the circulation. I was intrigued as my mother has a problem, so I looked into it a bit further (which probably was not a good use of my time given that I should have known what I would find as it was on late night TV and all I could find on their website was testimonials).

Turns out that the advertising regulators down in Australia and across in the United Kingdom have come down on the company for the claims that they made. There certainly seems to be a lot of comments that it can’t work at improving blood flow down to the foot as claimed. A walk around the block is properly better for the circulation.

If products are to really have any credibility rather than get labeled as snake oil, they need to produce the scientific evidence that what they do works; get rid of testimonials and celebrity endorsements; and stay of the late night TV advertising (like the toning shoes!).